A safe way to sailing on board the OCEAN CATT, a different type of boat. You can enjoy the clear blue waters of Menorca on a really spectacular day. OCEAN CATT offers you an exclusive, fun sea trip.

Menorca offers you, thanks to its strategic location in the western Mediterranean area, splendid sailing conditions. We go out every day with our catamaran to enjoy the coast and the clear waters of the island. Sailing away with our catamaran Ocean Cat is unique, offers a special experience and has no comparison with other types of excursions. Come and see!

North or south coast?
One of the advantages of living on an island is that if it’s windy or bad weather there is usually a protected corner. The wind direction is an important factor which is taken into account by our captain, together with the weather forecast when he decides whether to visit the north or south coast. the north coast offers big beautiful cliffs, steep rocks and an impressive landscape seen from the sea with special nooks and crannies and hidden beaches, a wild natural environment.

If we head to the south, we find a pretty landscape with many incredible beaches with their spectacular white sand and crystal waters.

What do we do?
Our departure is midmorning. We can inform you about our exact departure and timetable when you book by telephone. During the trip we will stop at 2 beaches which are inaccessible by car (only on foot or by boat). There you can swim, sunbathe, snorkle or just relax and enjoy the scenary. You’ll have a great day!

Included in the price of the trip is an appetising meal and a drink on board. Moreover we have swimming goggles snorkles, floats and armbands free of charge. Everything you need to have a fun, enjoyable day.

Enjoy the Menorcan seas. Held in your memory UNFORGETTABLE IMAGES


Our catamaran is unique in the port of ciutadella and has all the to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Your only. is to relax and feel in touch with the sun and the sea.

We have an ample, cosy solarium/sundeck where you can lie down, if you so wish, a bar and comfortable seats in the sun or the shade.

There are of course ladies and gentlemen’s toilets for your use. We have 3 wide safe ladders down providing easy access into the sea,  at the front and back of the boat, so you can swim in the crystalline waters and you can have a relaxing dip!!

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During the day you have our bar at your disposal where you can have a refreshing cold drink while enjoying the beautiful landscapes at the secluded beaches we will be visiting.

During the trip we provide our customers with a pasta and vegetable salad, barbecued chicken kebabs and a soft drink or a beer, bread and fruit. (There are small changes in the menu)


Book your trip, calling us on….we will confirm you the day and the exact time of departure. So easy!  

You could also book your trip at the OCEAN CATT office situated in the port of Ciutadella.

Also available - exclusive service for events and celebrations, sunsets, a party. Consult us on the link or by phone. We adapt to your needs.

  • Adult - 61 €
  • Children de 3 a 12 years old - 42 €
  • Children de 0 a 2 years old - FREE